Specialist Road Traffic & Driving Offence Barristers

Have you been charged with a driving offence?

However serious the charge, we can help you with your case from initial legal advice to representation in court.

Are you worried about losing your licence?

We understand the serious consequences that disqualification from driving can have on your work and family life, and can help you keep your licence.

Do you have a defence to the charges?

You may have heard about loopholes and technical defences to motoring offences. You can speak directly to an experienced barrister who will give you an expert, realistic and honest assessment of your case.

Call now on 020 7430 7430 to speak to us about how we can help you or send us an enquiry here. We charge fixed fees agreed with you in advance. By dealing directly with a barrister you can save the additional cost of instructing a solicitor.

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