Our Services

We are a specialist team of road traffic barristers within the leading criminal chambers of 187 Fleet Street in London. Our barristers appear regularly in the Magistrates’ Courts, Crown Courts and Appeal Courts.

Recent changes in the law means that you can now instruct a barrister directly without having to pay a solicitor. As a result we can offer you:

  • An assessment of your case with the barrister who will represent you.
  • Advice by telephone or face to face at a time convenient to you.
  • Representation by an experienced specialist who spends almost every day arguing cases in court.
  • Fixed fees agreed with you in advance.

We provide expert advice and representation for all types of motoring offences. Click the links on the right to find out more.

Drink Driving

Drink driving offences are serious and incur mandatory disqualification, fines and on occasion even community orders or custodial sentences. It is therefore imperative that you seek out the best advice possible if you are faced with a drink driving charge.

Our barristers will provide you with expert advice on the merits of your case, meticulous preparation and excellent representation at court. Whether your defence is:

  • Factual;
  • Technical;
  • Medically related or;
  • Procedural

We are committed to employing best efforts on your behalf to secure the most favourable outcome for you. We will ensure that you do not incur unnecessary costs by instructing experts if expert advice will not advance your case. Our fixed fee structure means that you know from very beginning what you will have to pay for our services. We will bring our expert services to bear on any alcohol related charge.

Exceptional Hardship/Totting up

Anyone who accumulates 12 points on their licence falls to be disqualified under the totting up provisions. Such disqualification is mandatory unless the court can be shown that exceptional hardship will arise if you are disqualified. As many of us rely on the ability to drive to earn a living and undertake family related activities a disqualification from driving can have a devastating impact not just on ourselves but on many others.

Our barristers are specialists in court advocacy and we will bring our expertise to any exceptional hardship case that we are instructed in. We will advise you on the relevant documentation to produce in support of your case and we shall also employ our extensive advocacy experience in structuring our arguments before the court to secure a successful outcome for you.

Speeding Offences

Given the varying speed limits that operate throughout the country and the proliferation of speed detection methods such as VASCAR, mobile speed cameras and in car devices, even the most attentive driver can fall foul of speeding provisions.

Whether your defence is:

Technical – e.g. The speed detection device was not operating properly
Factual – i.e. I was not speeding
Signage- speed limit not ascertainable

Or it is related to another issue, our barristers will provide you with expert advice and representation.

Where you wish to admit an offence, our barristers will employ our best efforts to secure the optimum sentence for you. Where you licence is as stake we have expertise in areas such as exceptional hardship and special reasons and will shall employ our significant expertise to help you keep your licence.

Insurance Offences

You may have committed the offence of driving without insurance because you genuinely believed that you had insurance, or it may have been someone else’s responsibility to organise the insurance and you had good reason to believe that they had done it. Whatever the circumstances of your case our barristers will provide you with expert advice and representation.

Aside from cases where you did in fact have insurance, your no insurance case will almost invariably necessitate the need to advance ‘special reasons’ on your behalf to persuade the court not to endorse your licence. We will provide you with realistic, cost effective and expert advice on your case.

Failing to provide details of the driver

Where you have been charged with the offence of failing to provide details of the driver we can provide you with expert advice and representation at court. Whether your defence rests on:

  • Reasonable diligence
  • Technicality
  • Procedural error

We will dedicate ourselves to preparing your case to the highest standard

Failing to provide a specimen

We provide expert representation in cases involving failure to provide a specimen. Whether your defence is:

  • Reasonable excuse. e.g. medically related, where for example a medical condition has prevented you from being able to provide the requisite specimen
  • Procedural: where police have failed to adhere to the required procedural requirements when carrying out the breath test procedure

We will meticulously prepare your case for your court hearing. We will provide you with realistic advice on the merits of your case and we will only instruct expert witnesses where necessary. Where you do not have a defence to the charge we shall employ our significant advocacy experience to obtain the most favourable sentence possible.

Early Removal of Disqualification

Where you have been disqualified for a significant period we can provide you with expert representation to secure an early reinstatement of your driving licence. We are specialists in both written and oral advocacy and both will be needed in order for you to have your licence reinstated. Thus once the minimum period of disqualification has passed we shall advice you on making the application to reinstate your driving licence and represent you at court.

Lengthy driving bans are imposed for serious motoring offences and the courts will need to be significantly persuaded to reinstate your licence before the expiration of the disqualification period. It is therefore imperative that you have the best representation possible when appearing at court and our barristers who are experts in court advocacy will provide you with such a service.

Mobile Phone use

Cases involving the use of a mobile phone whilst driving are often complex. Our legal and advocacy expertise means that we can provide you with specialist advice and representation where you have been charged with using a mobile phone whilst driving.

A large amount of cases involve an allegation by a police officer that he has witnessed you using your mobile phone whilst driving. Where you deny the offence it can mean that it becomes your word against that of a police officer. Our barristers have significant experience of cross examining police witnesses in court and will bring that expertise to bear on an motoring case involving police witnesses.

We will prepare your case meticulously. We can help you to secure court orders to obtain your phone records for the relevant time to show that you cannot have been using your phone, and draft witness statements in support of your case. Whatever your circumstances we can provide you with the service that you need.

Special Reasons arguments

We can provide you with specialist advocacy services in any case to which a special reasons argument applies. Our experienced barristers will prepare your case with great attention to detail and will tailor our significant legal expertise to your case to ensure that although you may be guilty of a relevant motoring offence in law, you can obtain a favourable outcome when sentenced which can include avoiding the imposition of a penalty altogether. So whether you are guilty of driving without insurance, driving with excess alcohol or another relevant offence, our barristers will provide you with expert representation for your special reasons hearing.

New Driver Offences

Where you have accumulated 6 points during your 2 year probationary period as a new driver your licence will be revoked. This naturally means that you have to retake both your theory and driving test.

If you are at risk of having your licence revoked our barristers can provide you with expert services in defending a charge against you as a new driver, mitigating on your behalf, suspending revocation pending appeal and mitigating on your behalf to secure a short discretionary disqualification in place of a revocation.

Medical Revocation of Licence

Where you have had your licence revoked for medical reasons and wish to contend that you are fit to drive we can provide you with expert advice and representation in fighting your case. We will draft written representations to the DVLA along with the requisite supporting evidence.

If the DVLA refuse to reinstate your licence we can represent you in the magistrate’s court to appeal against the decision of the DVLA. We are specialists in court advocacy and we shall employ this expertise to secure the best result for you.

Failure to Stop/Report

Whether you are charged with failing to stop after an accident or reporting an accident we can provide you with specialist advice on your case. Whether you are seeking to contend that you had ‘no knowledge’ of an accident or that you reported the accident ‘as soon as reasonably practicable’ or advance any other defence, our specialist road traffic barristers will provide you with expert representation at court.

Careless or dangerous driving

Our specialist road traffic barristers shall apply their eye for detail in order to meticulously prepare your case to defend a charge of careless or dangerous driving to show that you did not fall below the standard of a ‘careful and competent’ driver.

We shall identity any relevant legal or factual that will help or undermine your case and endeavour where possible to avoid a court hearing by making representations to crown to drop the case against you where it is inherently weak.


Our barristers have significant expertise in the area of appeals. We will meet with you to assess your case and provide you with a realistic advice on your prospects of winning your appeal. We will not waste your time and money by giving you false hopes of success where we have identified that you do not have a realistic prospect of succeeding in your appeal.

Where you do have grounds to appeal, our barristers shall employ our expertise in preparing your case for appeal. We shall identify any legal, factual or procedural errors that will support your case.

So whether you wish to appeal your conviction or sentence we shall provide you with expert advice and representation.